Welcome to my Studio & Lab

This website will show you my skill and experience as Musician, electronics designer and Sound designer & my passion for Reggae Dub music.

Not just the music ! : All about the studio technique, instruments playing, studio gears, creativity & tools of engineer back in the day...The Root of reggae music !

At this time they had very limited resources and not necessarily the latest novelties proposed in exclusivity in US, so they need to use other tricks and old gears to archieve a sound...and and they did a remarkable job !

My favorite studios was Channel One and King tubby in Jamaica

Channel One Studio  was created by JoJo Hoo Kim in 1972.

A lot of talented musicians, engineers used this studio for the sonics quality of recording. They used to record in a 4 tracks on a lot of session with an Ampex 440, finally they give that 4 tracks to King Tubby studio to realize the final mix ( sort of Pre- mastering in my opinion to polish the sound and emphasis THAT Drums and bass sound ! 

16 tracks Tape machines  Ampex MM1200 probably less used than we think. ( more expensive cost for producer, sound more polished, more "commercial" 

The central piece of equipement is an 16 tracks API Mixing desk, similar to the API 2488 but with 16 tracks , 8 subgroup and 2 Masters

This board is one of the best Mixing desk ever created, and now in 2018 we used again the circuits they use in 70's...that proove the sonic quality of this brand. 

The room of Channel One could welcome many musicians to play at the same time, that give a particular feel to the recording, because of a Sound of Live musicians in studio environement 

We must imagine that the band  ( often Roots Radics ) was recorded straight to the API board, the engineer give a pre balance mix and EQ and then record straight to 4 tracks ! No Cheat possible ! Guetto sound of Jamaica ! 

Then at King Tubby studio, they  used the 4 tracks Tape to make vocal and Dub version and finally release the tracks, Vinyl off course.

All these processes really intrigued me in the past, especially that in this music so I decide to search my sound with the technique I experiment.

My first candidate is an Altec 9069 found in King Tubby Mixing desk in 70's.I decide to built some prototype and DIY clone for me and my friend.

But ia lot of Dubber's in the world seem to be really interested to have one HPF Filter in studio ...The story of my new work begin for me at this moment ! 

I want to say a Big Thanks for people support my work. Bless !