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Available in VST/AU format Mac & PC 

Percufinga 1.5 capture.png

PERCUFINGA is a perfect addition to your drums, not just with Rubadrum.

This plugin offers 10 percussions.

Each percussion has several velocities and some of them have articulations to give maximum natural sound of the real.

You can find the mapping of each key HERE

Sometimes when we finish a part of the drums, we feel that something is missing

The PERCUFINGA plugin can boost the groove of certain productions.

I recommend starting with a TAMBOURINE or a SHAKER for example, it can easily replace a bad clickable metronome that kills your ears and breaks your inspiration) Personally I hate metronomes built into DAWs ...


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TUNE: You can pitch every Percussions

RELEASE: It can make the sounds more natural; the last part of the sample can also be controlled with a gentle slope

PAN: I'm sure you already know what this is for!


Capture d’écran 2023-04-12 à 22.38.15.png
By default, the software engine uses 1 stereo output
But when you start the mix, the goal is to use the multi output to process each percussion kit separately!
The goal is to give a different sound signature for each element and to simplify the general mix.
YOU MUST LEARN how to enable multiple output in your DAWS.
Cockos Reaper for example indicates if you want to use 1 stereo or 16 stereo .... but in Cubase, you have to right click on the plugin and choose the multi-output routing configuration.
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND creating a template / preset when it's done, so you can recall it with one click
Don't waste your time with each new session, the goal is to make music without having to worry!


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This function is perhaps the simplest, but paradoxically also the most complicated to explain ...
All midi keyboards, Drum pad, MPC, Maschine react differently to the pressure of the keys and therefore the midi result in your DAW
The force you apply to the key or pad will trigger the sample in Percufinga, so if you detect a playing problem or bad feeling the VELOCITY button is your friend.
It is a kind of compressor but in midi configuration
Pushing the MIN button up will give you better control in short bursts of velocity.
The MAX button helps control the high velocity of the software.
My best advice is to use your ear and feel and find the perfect balance with your midi machine.

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