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F.A.Q for Rubadrum and Percufinga

  • Why The plugin don't work after install
    The first things is the Serial Key : DON'T USE drag and drop Type the serial by hand With 4 LETTERS at begining and NO SPACE AT END exemple RUBA-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX RUBA-XXX-XXXX-XXXX Second problem can be x32 bits version install in 64bits and vice versa . Take time , if you a doubt , download again and put the plugins in the right folder For Mac, especially in Logic X , You need to rescan the plugins folder, then restart ( THE Mac ) then rescan the plugins folder and then you will see the plugins . ( If not check If plugins is disabled by Logic, and use the checkbox in Logic to accept the plugins definitly Thanks
  • When I open the plugins and choose other output ( 2 to 16 ) I don'have any sound
    Check your setting into DAW . You must indicate to your plugins configuration to open the full16 stereo tracks If not you can use the plugins in stereo version
  • The VST plugins don't appear in my DAW
    You need to verify if you choose the good destination ( same place with your other plugins ) For exemple , the PC 32 bits version need to be installed in the right folder .Same for 64 bits version .
  • When I hit my keyboard / Pad, the sound isn't Dynamic , volume low / too high"
    You need to check the VELOCITY setting in the software . Try to put the MIN knob to 1/4 and MAX to 3/4 ( red light ) it s better ? Below the Velocity menu you can choose the velocity sensivity , to strong , normal or moderate If not , try to restart the DAW and your Drumpad or Keyboard .
  • Can I use Rubadrum and Percufinga in my other computer ?
    Yes , this your license , you can use it on 3 computers in same time License is engrave into the software code so you can't share the software with a friend for exemple Please recommand my sofware to your friend instead
  • When I open my old project and want to use Rubadrum , the midi map is out ?"
    Yes , that point is important . When i develop the plugins I use to propose a mapping with special articulation ,for exemple I extend the hi-hat slot to 7 keys ! Timbales use 6 slots etc ... So it will be impossible to map for the general midi standard You need to use a plugins as a "remapper" , a lot of DAW can do that .Check your manual to see if you have this function
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