F.A.Q for Rubadrum and Percufinga


When I open the plugins and choose other output ( 2 to 16 ) I don'have any sound

Check your setting into DAW . You must indicate to your plugins configuration to open the full16 stereo tracks If not you can use the plugins in stereo version

The VST plugins don't appear in my DAW

You need to verify if you choose the good destination ( same place with your other plugins ) For exemple , the PC 32 bits version need to be installed in the right folder .Same for 64 bits version .

When I hit my keyboard / Pad, the sound isn't Dynamic , volume low / too high

You need to check the VELOCITY setting in the software . Try to put the MIN knob to 1/4 and MAX to 3/4 ( red light ) it s better ? Below the Velocity menu you can choose the velocity sensivity , to strong , normal or moderate If not , try to restart the DAW and your Drumpad or Keyboard .

Can I use Rubadrum and Percufinga in my other computer ?

Yes , this your license , you can use it on 3 computers in same time License is engrave into the software code so you can't share the software with a friend for exemple Please recommand my sofware to your friend instead

When I open my old project and want to use Rubadrum , the midi map is out ?

Yes , that point is important . When i develop the plugins I use to propose a mapping with special articulation ,for exemple I extend the hi-hat slot to 7 keys ! Timbales use 6 slots etc ... So it will be impossible to map for the general midi standard You need to use a plugins as a "remapper" , a lot of DAW can do that .Check your manual to see if you have this function

Why The plugin don't work after install

The first things is the Serial Key : DON'T USE drag and drop Type the serial by hand With 4 LETTERS at begining and NO SPACE AT END exemple RUBA-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX RUBA-XXX-XXXX-XXXX Second problem can be x32 bits version install in 64bits and vice versa . Take time , if you a doubt , download again and put the plugins in the right folder For Mac, especially in Logic X , You need to rescan the plugins folder, then restart ( THE Mac ) then rescan the plugins folder and then you will see the plugins . ( If not check If plugins is disabled by Logic, and use the checkbox in Logic to accept the plugins definitly Thanks