WF Filter 222A Module

This passive filter is a recreation of the Altec 9069 unit found inside King Tubby mixing desk

We can hear the signature sound in a lot of his mixs back in the day.

7 years ago  I discover the DIY electronics with a big help of one of my best friends.

He show me that is possible to recreate gears , repair and mod actual audio gears , that the point I begin to learn and try .

My mixing desk was our first project. We convert an old soundcraft in hi end spec and change the chassis configuration to put new aux send and an empty space for the futur Hipass !!!

As a reggae Dub beat maker and Dub producer , i always try to clone this sound ..but never archieve it correctly with plugin or active filters.

So we decide to make reasearch , prototype and try to make this filter ALIVE

After 2 years of intense research , we finally built the first prototype ...at the instant  I engage the routing of the mixing desk , i start to have a big big smile in my face ...we have succeeded !!! What a big day ....

After that  I put some videos on the Web , i start to receive a lot of messages arround the world, people will clearly wait to access of this rare "signature " tools.

Inside The Filter

- WIMA hi quality spec capacitors

- Custom Multitaps Inductors from Cinemag

- 2 X Jacks TRS

- 50 wires !

- Main PCB 

- Metal case from hammond case

- NEW ! Professional Metal Face plate with Values engrave

- 11 positions Hi end Rotary Switch turn at 190°

- Big knob 45mm OT

Price = 350 euros include Tax / exclude Shipping cost 
- UK = 18 euros ( 2 days ) FedEx
- FR = 10 euros ( 2 days )  Colissimo
- US = 30 euros ( 7-10 days ) My Delivengo
- JA =  30 euros ( 10 -15 days ) My Delinvengo
- EU = 15 > 20 euros  ( 3 days ) FedEx / DHL