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My studio is equipped with a personalized mixing console and handmade personal equipment.
My studio is an analog / digital hybrid, with a 32-input Class A preamp.. I don't like the sound of modern tapes that can be purchased today in 2021, and they require new and complete recorder settings (calibration).

I try to learn and experience an old technique that is often forgotten but in a modern way.

I pay special attention to repairing, tuning and setting up instruments before recording, because the best hardware in the world can't fix a bad recording track or create a sound that doesn't exist at the source. . If you are looking for conventional things, you can try another path ;-)

Here is a list of equipment that I have at home.

- Soundcraft 600 Mixing Desk ( + all mods on it ) 

- API 312 style preamp in LunchBox

- Amek 2500 preamp

- Revox PR 99 MK3

- Urei 565 filters

- Valve spring reverb called Revalverb ( my design of awesome Spring reverb

- Lexicon PCM81

- Lexicon 1300s

- Aphex Dominator 720

- Aphex Vocal Exiter

- Presonus RM32 with 32 Class A preamp

- Langevin 255a and Langevin 255b module ( HPF Filter and LPF Filter ) 

- Westfinga Filter inside the desk connect to a patchbay 

- Radial DI and Box

- Sans Amp Tech 21

- A lot of Classic Mic for Drum and instruments ( Contact me for details )

- 5 snares, 3 kicks drums, 2 hihats , variety of TOMs ( Wood and Acrylic )

- Upright piano Collard Collard London 

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