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Available in VST/AU format Mac & PC

Rubaddrum 2



RUBADDRUM 2 uses real sampled drums with multiple velocities, round robins and articulations. It can be programmed with a MIDI Keyboard and/or pattern blocks in your favorite DAW. It comes with a very simple new library adding feature.   

The sound of this exclusive plugin is based on the classic “Channel One” sound, created back in the 80’s by studio engineers: Brutal Solgie, Maxie, Bunny Tom Tom, Barnabas, Ernest Hookim & Scientist … and off course drummers like Sly Dunbar, Style Scott, Santa Davis, Mickey Boo, Barnabas and many others masters who played live sessions there.


RUBADDRUM 2 comes with all these following great features


- 5x muffled snares (Ludwig Supraphonic / Supersensitive, Yamaha SD series, Tama....) all with multi-velocities / round robins + 6 articulations, including "pre-rolls".

- 5x muffled kicks (acrylic and wood).

- 3x muffled toms : high, mid, low ( acrylic material and recorded with a Sennheiser “classic 421” microphone placed inside).

- 2x open metal timbales, with multi-velocities / round robins + 6 articulations also including "pre-rolls".

- 2x hi-hats (Zildjian “New beat” and “QuickBeat”) both with multi-velocities / round Robins + 6 articulations.

- 2x cymbals ( Paiste and Zildjian ).

- 3x rototoms, recorded with a Sennheiser “classic 421” mic, placed outside of the bottom skin…

… and last but not least:


- Samples from mid-80s “Simmons” drums, so you can now create early-digital riddims directly inside Rubaddrum 2! (Listen the videos / audios demos bellow)   


On top of that you’ll find : - Bleed mics and piano room (created with a tube AKG C12 clone mic, placed inside a real upright piano) that create a solid texture to add realism in your tracks!   


This is a fully functional plugin that recreate the essence of pure 80's Rub-a-Dub sound we all love and that took years to establish.


The amazing things is that you are not limited to reggae music only. It’s also suitable for a lot of different music styles like disco, funk, soul, and so on…  


The real goal is to create your own sounds with your own mixing signature, in that way the sampling was recorded with just a pre-eq and then straight to a class A preamp.

The way you’ll mix your tracks will help a lot to emphasis the "fat" and "punchy" sound, that have been carefully crafted after years of research in the best matching kits, skins and microphones… (and some subtle “magic” tweak in their relative placements).

Samples are not compress or over-process … follow this the keep maximum tightness!  


Finally, the RUBADDRUM 2 kits were sampled at 48Khz-24bits wave format, and It can work at any other sampling rate!…

And as a standard: 16x stereo Multi-outputs are available directly inside your daw (see tutorial depending on your daw)

Rubaddrum 2 - Live playing demo by Westfinga

Rubaddrum 2 default patch ( raw ). No editing, no plugin added , no midi quantize. Finger drumming only ! 

Demos from Jah Servant

Drums are programmed midi with RUBADDRUM 2 

> VST 64bits for Mac and mixed with Cubase DAW 

Demos from Jouke "JoJo" Yspeerd

Drums are programmed midi with RUBADDRUM 2 

> VST 64bits for PC and mixed with Fl Studio DAW by Jouke also . 


Drums  are programmed midi with RUBADDRUM 2 . All instruments played live by Jouke JoJo Yspeerd

> VST 64bits for PC and mixed with Fl Studio DAW . 



From OSX Snow Leopard 10.7 Up to last MacOS Monterey 12.41. & M1 processor

Formats: VST & Audio Units (64 Bit) , tested on Logic 10.6.2 or Later


Windows: 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 Formats: VST 2 & 3  (ONLY 64 bit)

I will send the serial & password link to your email adress use for payment ( 24H Max )


Will Humblet from King Sound Music for all your precious advice about the VST, the video tutorial and correct some of my bad english :)  

King Sound Music on Youtube >>> Here


& on Bandcamp >>>Here

You can follow his work :

Lienj Gorimaa for these precious advices, his humor and the hard work on the beta test.

Jouke ! One of my best friend. We have shared a common passion for years: 80's reggae era 

He made some high quality demo with my VST and super video . A great guy , Singer , pianist , organist ....guitarist :) a talented man off course ! 

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