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Universal Tubes built / Guitar FX / Spring Reverb and more !

Clic on the text bellow to see the project or use the menu. Roll over Electronics 

5 years ago I discover the wondefull land of Valve Tube DIY .The goal was to learn and grow my knowledge to access new gears for my studio . Because tubes sound ....tubby :) 

3 mains methods is often used: 

>Point to point wiring, maybe the best for some purist, technique from the old days are always good . But what a pain when you want to modify your gear ! Extremly difficult for solder joins and components.

>Turret board . Almost the same as point to point with an addition of "central" mainboards group all the component in a "better" for futurs mods or maintenance

>PCB board . All traces, placement of components  are optimised for the build. Often considered as " cheap" electronics . It s wrong ! Only the design count . You can have very bad engineering or not .

Let me introduce an hybrid version of both method : Universal Tube PCB 

Beetween a point to point wiring and PCB board, I use the best of the 2 methods

Now I can build a lot of projects with them, Preamp for Vinyl player, Direct box for Guitar Bass, Guitar amp, Spring reverb, Tube EQ and more 

Imagine a "Lego" like project with them

1 card for preamp first stage ( Noval ), second card for a driver ( Oktal ), third card for recover and last card for a line output . All cards can chain the heater voltage, high voltage, audio signal  and ground.The signal follow a logical stream in term of electronic design. From PSU to the input stage and finally the chassis connection .That what i want to use in my next project...


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