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It will normally be available in less than a month.


  • Passive Filter 600ohms In/out 
  • Cinemag Hi Quality Inductor with Mu Metal Can 
  • Wima capacitors 
  • NOS RTF Rotary switch cleaned and ajusted 
  • New PCB board design
  • Handbuild in France by Me :) 


New features :


  • Toogle switch in Frontplate to change the color of the sweep filtering .
  • Resonnance potentiometer to change the "load" of the filter .


In fact , It change the peak volume at cutoff frequency . From Softer to maximum .  ( depend a lot of the material connected ) if use a line input , insert or  instrument input from the mixing desk , the peak can change beetween 8db to 15db max . This potentiometer can ajust that ( Cool if you use the filter in a recording chain !  ) 


DEMOS  : ( Wav / video / Gif files to show the curve of the filter )



409,00 € Regular Price
389,00 €Sale Price
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