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Valve Spring reverb unit hybrid JFET / Mofset  with 2 tanks ( modded also ) . One have 4 strings , the other have 6 springs  

( 2 weeks  building time ) 


Technical infos : 


Line Preamp


This circuit is a"cascode". It is capable of highgain, is very linear and is non-microphonic.+ shielded input transformer for balanced XLR / Jack input. Unbalanced connection also available. DWELL control to vary the signal sent to the driver stage. This step sends a very strong signal which helps vibrate /rattle the spring inside the tank. In Reggae Dub, we need it. Warm, rich and deep


Driver stage  with 6BM8 Tube ( Capacitor coupled ) 

I use a penthode to send the signal to the spring . The "capacitor coupled " design help to send a very strong signal that help to get that "power" we search for in our music . 


Reverb recovery ( the "Wet" preamp ) 

I use again a cascode for the highgain,  linear and is non-microphonic particularity 

It give a super signal to noise result and a particular texture to the wet signal . I love this circuit almost like a tube equivalent . 


Final Stage after the "Wet" circuit is a 12AU7 totem pole stage . It give the power to drive a 600ohms transformer used at final line output stage . ( Jack TRS ) 



ReValVerb "hybrid" Spring Reverb

1 000,00 € Regular Price
850,00 €Sale Price
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